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Be ready to drive when you arrive!

 We offer vehicle financing, leasing and all-inclusive rentals with no credit history needed for international students.

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We have a vehicle to fit every students need and budget.

International AutoSource (IAS) is the leading global source of auto leasing and financing for expats and can help you start building your credit/driving record in the United States. Our factory-backed financing programs for students are tailored to fit your individual needs and feature low rates. These programs are also designed for quick and easy approval.

Vehicle Solutions

Vehicle Solutions

  • Finance, purchase or lease without a U.S. credit history
  • Wide selection of makes and models
  • Flexible payment options
  • Competitive auto insurance rates

ReadyDrive Rental Program

ReadyDrive (Rental Program)

  • Great for short-term stays
  • Privileged savings with preferred rates
  • Comprehensive insurance included
  • Flexible terms

concierge service

Expatriate Concierge Service

Our white glove service includes vehicle delivery, care and after-market benefits. From the point of first contact to the day the vehicle is delivered, customers receive our award-winning concierge service to ensure a seamless transition. We are about making a student’s journey to a new country one step easier by getting them ready to drive when they arrive.


Buy new and used vehicles and secure financing even without a local U.S. credit history.


Lease a vehicle that best suits your needs, and we will help you get the best deal possible based on your choice of mileage and lease length.


Rent a vehicle for either short or long-term studies through ReadyDrive, our low-cost all- inclusive rental program.

We are the vehicle experts for expats

IAS helps you prepare and plan for your move by getting you behind the wheel so you can be productive and focus on what you are here for, your studies. Our expertise in the automotive industry has helped over 50,000 foreign nationals get settled into their new countries, careers, schools and internships with a vehicle that fits their needs.

Our Product Specialists are expert consultants, trained to identify your needs and use their extensive knowledge of the automotive market to find the right vehicle for your lifestyle and budget.

Did you Know?

Each year upwards of 400,000 students have an opportunity to study in the United States. Many have an immediate need for transportation. A lack of credit can make attaining a vehicle a challenge. The distance between locations in the U.S. can make getting around difficult for students. Simple tasks, like getting to class or grocery shopping can be very time consuming when using buses or other public transportation which can affect your overall experience in the United States.