Corporate Relocation Services: Auto Leasing

If you need to lease vehicles or provide a transportation solution for your corporate employees relocating to the U.S. with no credit, International AutoSource can help. We are the leading global source of auto leasing and financing programs direct from manufacturer and can help you easily and successfully get your international employees into leased vehicles in America.

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As a corporate relocation services expert, you need to get your employees relocated and up and running as soon as they arrive in the states. And a vital part of that is getting them reliable transportation. We help both you and your employees with financing, insurance and taxes which are all things that need to be considered. And we can help those who have no credit or driving history. Learn about buying cars in the U.S. without a social security number.

Our factory-backed financing programs feature low rates and are designed to get your relocating employees approved.

How Can Corporate Relocation Customers Rent or Lease a Car in the U.S.?

We can help with the entire process, from choosing the vehicle, financing, getting insurance licensing and registration to picking up their new vehicle. The first step is to contact us.

0 - 1 year - Rentals in the U.S.
Our rentals provide maximum flexibility for employees relocating short-term and can also be extend if needed. Tailored for internationals, our low rates always include the insurance needed in the U.S. And as a benefit to you, spousal and employee sharing is also included.

1 - 3 years - Leases in the U.S.
As an international coming to America, leasing can be the lowest monthly-payment alternative, and employees have the option to extend or purchase the car at the end of the lease term if their stay is prolonged.

What Are Corporate Relocations?

Corporate relocations are paid for by the employer and include global departure, destination, logistics and management services that help employees and families relocate. International AutoSource provides corporate consultative services on benchmarking, creating corporate policy on transportation, as well as car allowances, car rental management and more.

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Resources for Internationals Renting or Leasing an Automobile in the U.S.

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Buy new and used vehicles and secure financing even without a local U.S. credit history.


Lease a vehicle that best suits your needs, and we will help you get the best deal possible based on your choice of mileage and lease length.


Rent a vehicle for either short or long-term studies through ReadyDrive, our low-cost all- inclusive rental program.


Lease a vehicle that best suits your needs, and we will help you get the best deal possible based on your choice of mileage and lease length.