Car Leasing for Italian Citizens Moving to America

Are you moving from Italy to America and need to lease or finance a car and you have no credit? We are the leading global source of auto leasing and financing programs direct from manufacturer and can help you lease a car in the USA.

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Whether you're coming from Milan, Florence, Rome, Turin, Catania or any other part of Italy, if you'll be in America for a long time, you're going to need a car or a truck. And we can help those who have no credit too. Learn about buying cars in the US without a social security number. Financing, insurance, taxes and costs are all things that need to be considered that we'll help you with.

Our factory-backed financing programs feature low rates and are designed to get you approved. And we have a huge selection of cars for Italian expats to choose from.

How Can an Italian Expat Rent or Lease a Car in the US?

European and Italian citizens can lease a car in the US just like any other expat. And it's a good idea to set things up in advance of your move if possible. We understand that trying to lease an automobile or truck as an international citizen can seem a little overwhelming. However, leasing (or buying) a car in the US is actually quite easy with IAS. We can help with the entire process, from choosing the vehicle and financing it to insuring it and picking it up. The first step is to contact us.

Things Italian Citizens Ought to Consider When Planning their Move to the US

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you're going to be a Italy expat living in the US.
  • Which state in the United States are you moving to? Learn about its regulations.

  • Make sure your passport is currently valid.

  • Life in the US is more fast-paced than what you may be used to in Italy.

  • People are not nearly as into fútbol (soccer) in America compared to Italy.

  • Visit US Citizenship and Immigration Services website for more information.

0 - 1 year - Rentals in the US
Our rentals provide maximum flexibility if you shorten or extend your stay. Tailored for expatriates, our low-cost rental rates always include the insurance you'll need in the U.S. If you're a student just planning on studying in the US for a semester or two for example, this might be ideal.
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1 - 3 years - Leases in the US
As Italian coming to America, leasing can be your lowest monthly-payment alternative, and you’ll have the option to extend or purchase your car lease at the end of the lease if your stay is prolonged.
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Resources for Italians Leasing a Vehicle in the US

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Buy new and used vehicles and secure financing even without a local U.S. credit history.


Lease a vehicle that best suits your needs, and we will help you get the best deal possible based on your choice of mileage and lease length.


Rent a vehicle for either short or long-term studies through ReadyDrive, our low-cost all- inclusive rental program.